Reduce your wrinkles
Smooth out fine lines
Hydrate your skin
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Patricia Hutson
"I was skeptical about the claims saying I could "look years younger". However, I loved the smell, and it didn't leave a greasy feeling so I gave it a try. After just a month, those wrinkles in the corner of my eyes and lips that used to depress me when I looked in the mirror, have almost disappeared!"
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Susie Lewis
I've been desperately looking for an anti aging formula that works ever since my daughter asked me "Mommy why are you growing wrinkly". Ouch, hahaha. I've been using Lumanelle for 4 months, and it's like I've frozen time! I've never felt this good!
Luma Repair Testimonials
Wash face with a non-comedogenic, gentle cleanser. Pat dry.
Apply Luma Repair to
your entire face, including the neck area.
Wait for product to dry, then start enjoying smoother skin!
How does Luma Repair work like botox...
Wrinkles form when skin tightens because of muscle contractions (like scrunching up a flat piece of paper). Botox
works by freezing muscle contractions.

The instant smoothing effect is provided by Hyaluronic molecules, which are engineered to slide into, smooth
wrinkles and hydrate the skin throughout the day.
Lower end skin care products can do this, however without the technology I'll explain next, you can actually make
wrinkles worse over time!

Why? Because of a "memory" effect. The filling effect of wrinkles
can actually reinforce and teach your wrinkles to stay in place!

Luma Repair uses a patented molecular
technology that repairs your skin by providing it with collagen
(and other raw materials) and sending signals to your skin
cells to repair themselves and shrink wrinkles overtime.

After time your skin will look younger...
without the needles.
  • Fills In Fine Lines
  • No Greasy Residue
  • Conceals Dark Circles
  • Evens Your Skin Tone
  • Leaves You With Silky Smooth Skin
No dotted lines
No being knocked out
No needles
Skin Revitalizing Ingredients
Collagen is what gives healthy skin it's plush, elastic and youthful appearance. The line elimination serum contains a special blend of ingredients that stimulate collagen growth! Meaning overtime your skin gets younger and younger looking.
Matrikine Stimulant
Matrikenes are like little messengers that tell your skin to heal and repair itself. Luma Repair's contains a patented Matrikene stimulator, which is proven to help you feel 2 years younger within 1 month!
HyaluroniC Molecules
When using Luma Repair, your skin gains moisture and looks younger as the day goes on. Here's how...

One of the special ingredients in Luma Repair Serum is Hyaluronic molecules. These make you look younger as the day progresses because they are the perfect size to slide into the wrinkles in the skin. When there, they absorb water evaporating off your skin, which results in your skin becoming softer, and youthful as the day goes on!